…@DHB Asia we listen, we learn, we leverage to deliver impactful results that gives you more great values for every cents you spend…

Our services offering entire ranges of marketing consultant services & media engagement. To find out more of what we are capable of delivering, please refer to the lists below and see how we design our approaches based on your industrial and business sectors needs and challenges.


For companies in the consumer packaged goods industry, it’s no longer just about brand. It’s about the brand of engagement, and how engagement builds trust. Consumers have always wanted products they could trust. But increasingly, they want to know that they can trust the companies behind products to make sound global choices. DHB Asia  knows how help companies establish that trust.

Our communications platforms are driven by more than creativity, but research, consumer insights, and awareness of external environments and emerging cultural trends. We build consumer marketing campaigns that reach audiences by culture, lifestyle and interests—and span all consumer packaged goods categories, including food and beverage, wellness, personal care, cleaning products, health and beauty, apparel and footwear and consumer technology.

Our work results in campaigns that build more than brand loyalty, but trusted relationships between consumers and the companies behind a brand.


Globalization, radical transparency and the prevalence of social media have forever changed the way stakeholders view and interact with organizations. In an era of unprecedented social engagement, strategic nonprofit marketing, communications and activation have never been more important.

What’s more, growing demand for corporations and brands to engage authentically with social and environmental issues has raised the standards for CSR and citizenship, providing a growing number of ways that NGOs can partner with companies.

Research has proven that it’s no longer enough for a non-profit to stand for a social issue and participate in traditional fundraising and development activities. To attract, retain and build favored status with individual and corporate donors and stakeholders, successful organizations must:

  • Clearly understand, define and manifest their core purpose
  • Connect their efforts to timely movements and causes that inspire passion
  • Identify, build and drive relationships with diverse stakeholders
  • Deliberately engage in sophisticated brand building activities

We make association works. To members, industry stakeholders, policy makers and the general public. With the opportunity to serve the NGO’ s, DHB Asia uniquely able to help associations increase their influence and meet the needs of their members.


Real estate is not just about land and buildings; it’s the foundation upon which everything else in the business world rests.

We also support small companies with big ideas, helping ambitious businesses of any size to meet their objectives. We have experienced teams on the ground in every continent who advise clients, craft strategic communications plans and deliver media engagement throughout an asset’s lifecycle, from public policy and planning applications, to construction and branding, through to the sales or leasing phases of a new development.


Technology touches every aspect of our lives. It drives many of the world’s greatest innovations. Some companies invent, while others sell. Some use technology to disrupt other industries, creating unprecedented growth and valuation. But nearly all companies face technological issues and complexities.

DHB Asia Technology views the world through multiple lenses: We help tech companies build their brands and reputation. We assist them in marketing their products, differentiating them within their fields – finance, energy, media, health, education and more. And we help companies evolve their business, promote their vision and protect their reputation as they grow.

Across every industry that technology touches and shapes, we provide insights and develop creative strategies that help government agencies adapt to the changing tech landscape and communicate widely and effectively.


DHB Asia views the market diversification is unique for each industry, in the cosmetics & wellness sector, we salvage the journey of success through analytical customer orientated approach. We share the adventure with our clients through a comprehensive understanding of the target market’s needs and desires, in order to create a successful story.


Our dedicated team will work closely with the producer, scriptwriter and the film distributors. Once all information compiled from these 3 key peoples, we would create a unique and engaging marketing contents across the media platforms. Our main responsibility is to convince the public that this is a ‘must-see’ movie.

We will ensure the marketing campaign will reach out to the target audiences before and during film releases.  When the film opens, audiences’ interest should be at its peak. After release, our team’s commitment is at their greater proposition to engage back to back promotions to increase interest in the film.


Our services are tailored not only to support multinationals and GLCs but also the full spectrum of SMEs and small industries that form the backbone of the Malaysian economy.

No matter how big or small our clients’ businesses, we are able to plan and customize communications program and campaigns that are effective and cost efficient.

We find solutions for all challenges – from the promotion of small franchises, start-ups and cottage industries to governmental communications programs and elaborate product campaigns.


At DHB Asia, we create breakthrough marketing with the people, properties, and platforms that shape the market demand and generates higher prospects of measurable results.

We work together closely with brokers, traders and trade associations. We get our information directly from the source, which makes our data accurate and timely. We only work together with the most reliable companies in the industry. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibilities of a partnership. We see great value in connecting agribusinesses to each other so we are always open to enquiries


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