Proudly introducing… our freshly updated company logo

We are proud to announce the launch of the new company logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our company’s brand. Our business has grown and evolved over the last 3 years, and we felt it was time for a change.
As of November 2019
onwards DHB Asia will use one single name for all our branches, and we have refreshed our logo to reflect who we are today and to sym- bolize our dynamic future. This wasn’t a decision we made lightly. We are proud of our rich history. That’s why our new logo retains a core element; our dynamic
Rest assured though: our service and dedication to you will remain the same! Of course, we are also happy to answer any questions you may have.


It took me by surprise, when I saw this…😱

It took me by surprise🙈


Nonetheless, my utmost appreciation to the team of The CEO Today Magazine.

I, myself was so incredibly humbled just to be nominated as one of the candidates for The CEO TODAY ASIA AWARDS 2018. Let alone become a finalist. Those two alone seemed to good to be true. So, from the bottom of my heart,  thank you.

Thank you first and foremost to the kind soul who even thought of nominating me. Thank you for the The CEO TODAY MAGAZINE who kindly voted for me to be a finalist. And thank you to the Awards judges, who made such a difficult choice from an amazing list of finalists, who are all so deserving.


star2 online

DHB ASIA NETWORK Breaking International Market for another satisfied client GERAK BORNEO @

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