IMMEDIATE RELEASE | TODAY, 30th November 2018. Take our good wish. We’re excited to announce the appointment of Mdm. Nazeera Marissa L Abdullah as our new Non-Executive Director starting from 1st December 2018. By having Mdm Nazeera on-board we hope to further explore new business opportunity and strengthen our company’s performance.

Welcome on-board

Thank you for your support!

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DHB Asia Network is a full-fledged BUSINESS MARKETING, PR and Corporate Communication firm which provides integrated corporate marketing communication services that specialize in exclusive one – to- one business guidance and networking. Our team of professionals are dedicated to bring out the benefits of full range of corporate communications services for our clients to savor. DHB Asia Network provides a wide spectrum of marketing consultation and brand management services across disciplines of Strategy, Digital, Advertising, Media, Social, PR, Design, Branding, CRM, Data, E-Commerce and Mobile solutions. We help our clients build relationships with consumers, investors, employees, regulators, journalists and other stakeholders across a broad range of markets, product lines, and economic circumstances, in a way that drives value for their business. We have developed a reputation for guiding companies through pivotal points in their evolution, be they positive or negative, and finding opportunities to advance their brand and protect their reputation. DHB ASIA NETWORK..shaping futures, building relationships

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