Challenges of a Business with Modern Technology

What would be TPM’s role in elevating the business, tech know-how, and also more importantly, home grown technopreneurship within the SME’s ecosystem in Malaysia?

Since the very concept of technopreneurship breaks away from the existing economic order by reducing strategic business risks by way of leveraging on a stable, dedicated and experienced mentor-based partnerships, technopreneurs would be able to focus on core technical abilities and rapid prototyping of new products & services to capture a vast segment of customers especially in emerging markets. When new businesses export goods and services to nearby regions, these enterprises contribute directly to a region’s productivity and earnings. This increase in revenue strengthens an economy and promotes the overall welfare of a population. This has never been more true than it is today, as we live in an increasingly interconnected global economy.

Looking at these new market opportunity, under the 4th Generation Incubation Model, TPM  strives to continuously empower the people (technopreneurs) by adopting a new strategy that is geared towards a smart-partnership approach with mentor-driven programmes in technical and business advisory, provision of facilities for production, labs, amenities, collaborative arrangements with Institutes of Higher Learning and Research Institutes, connecting with industry players and providing funding arrangements through our very own financing schemes, or by matching companies to relevant government grants and alternative funding.

To stay relevant and competitive, TPM had initiated a partnership program with institute of higher learning and research centers that allow more ideas and values to develop, and give the local industry greater opportunities for global presence. These programs are designed to assist sme’s to upskill and upgrade their business efficiency and competitiveness. Under these new incentives, TPM collaborated with other related tecno-based agency and venture capital which come in as a financial assistance to the business – from start-up, research and development right to marketing and distribution.

Prepared by DHB Asia Resources for TPM | drives innovation, harmonise eco-system…

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