DHB Asia Network is research driven. We believe that to communicate with the relevant target groups and markets, it is essential to obtain the right data to understand their idiosyncrasies and preferences in order to reach them and advocate change in their psyche and action.

Our services are tailored not only to support multinationals and GLCs but also the full spectrum of SMEs and small industries that form the backbone of the Malaysian economy.  No matter how big or small our clients’ businesses, we are able to plan and customize communications program and campaigns that are effective and cost efficient.  

We find solutions for all challenges – from the promotion of small franchises, start-ups and cottage industries to governmental communications programs and elaborate product campaigns.  

  • Research, planning and data mining for our diverse clients to enable them to achieve their targeted goals and objectives.
  • Develop comprehensive marketing consultation, communications and brand management services that involve the full spectrum of available media and strategies to create an awareness spread that reaches every individual, household and target groups that matter to the client.
  • We create innovative platforms that fully utilize all available media covering digital, advertising, print and electronic media, social media, PR, design and creative conceptualization, branding, CRM, data, e-commerce and mobile solutions and application.